Sunday, October 7, 2007

Till the very end...

Monday, September 24, 2007


Random crap. lol... actually done with the intention for
entering a character design competition. Not sure if i
want to send it now.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Intruder Alert

Half-elf spies fleeing from a laser-beam filled tunnel!...
ya, something like that...

Place of Respite

A mercenary finds a quaint little town for a rest as the war
rages on outside.

The Real Puppet Master

Two paranormal investigators find themselves tangled up while
investigating an absurd murder case involving a master puppet
master and his little puppets.

Golden Coin Toss

Finding a precious coin in a pile of garbage...
why am I never lucky like this?

Yueh Maiden

My interpretation of the central character in
(Sword of the Yueh Maiden), a lesser known wu-xia
short story written by famous novelist Louis Cha.

A simple, naive farm girl Ah Ching, who mysteriously
possesses unfathomable martial arts skills

Tianling Bird

Second piece in my series of tributes to Jin Yong's (Louis Cha) female wu-xia characters.

Li Wenxiu from the novel
白馬嘯西風(White Horse in the West Wind)
白馬嘯西風 is also Jin Yong's first and only novel to star a female protagonist.

Big big lobot

Another artist-series card
Some person made some random remark about how much candy
i eat after seeing this image. HUH??


Spiky atlasphere
A artist-edition card image for The Spoils.
Obviously a spoof of... why don't you guess what it's a spoof ok?

Heirloom incinerator concept
Final linework by yours truly :)

Battering Ram concept
Final Artwork by team-mates